Nonlinear Effects in Nano-and Microheterogeneous Systems

Book description
Author(s): S.A. Gridnev, Yu. E. Kalinin, A. V. Sitnikov, O.V. Stogniy
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-5-9963-0294-9
Pages: 448
Subject: Nanotechnology
Format: 978-5-9963-0294-9
Cover: Hardcover

The research of nonlinear phenomena in multicomponent heterogeneous systems, which exist in amorphous, nano- and microcrystalline states, helps to ascertain the physical nature of many phenomena occurring in them and improve existing theoretical propositions. It also helps to develop new materials which possess unique physical properties. In order to solve these problems successfully it is very important to know the features of the atoms spatial arrangement in the amorphous, nano-and microcrystalline solids and multicomponent heterogeneous systems, the basic mechanisms of electron transport in heterogeneous metal-insulator transition and formation mechanisms of magnetic anisotropy in a ferromagnet-dielectric nanocomposites, magnetoelectric phenomena in ferromagnetic-piezoelectric systems. The above features are discussed in this book.

The book is intended for professionals in the fields of chemistry, physics and materials science.

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