Basic Physics V.1

Book description
Author(s): N. P. Kalashnikov, M. A. Smondyrev
Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-5-00101-004-3
Pages: 544 pp.
Subject: Physics
Format: 165 x 235 mm
Cover: hardcover

The textbook corresponds to the program of the physics course in general technological universities. The two volumes make a part of the training package that also includes the workbook Basic Physics. Exercises and tasks by the same authors. This textbook is unique in many ways. A number of unusual instructional techniques and the methods of material presentation, together with original, surprising themes and vivid examples that are unlikely to be found in the traditional physics courses, allow students to learn thinking for themselves, come to understand the physical principles of a wide variety of existing natural phenomena and evaluate them on the practical side, using the dimensions and orders of magnitude.

Intended for engineering and natural science students.

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