The Analysis of the Polluted Soil and Dangerous Waste: Practical Guidance, 2nd ed.

Book description
Author(s): Ju. S. Drugov, A. A. Rodin
Year: 2011
Edition: 2nd ed.
ISBN: 978-5-9963-0372-4
Pages: 469
Subject: Ecology
Format: 165 x 235 mm
Cover: Hardcover
Series: Methods in Chemistry

The book describes methods of the chemical analysis of pollution of soil and ground adjournment by household and industrial wastes. A reader would find traditional and new methods of testpreparing of soil and a waste samples, and also methods of substances polluting soil analysis and reliable receptions of target connections identifications in complex matrixes. Standard techniques of priority soil pollution definitions (organic and metalloorganic compounds, metals), used in Russia and abroad, are given.

The book is intended for professionals in the field of ecological analytical chemistry, and also for experts dealing with preservation of the environment, students and post-graduate students.

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